Perseverance is the key.. 🔑

Life is a trip… and it can be very unpredictable. Although, you can’t let it get you down! Over the past few months, I’ve been going through some tough times. I recently ended a relationship, due to the fact I was distracted and I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose 100%. You must know you worth and believe that you deserve more. Some people come in your life for a time, reason, or a season to teach you a lesson. When you know better you do better. I’ve been focused on my well-being and my future. Lately, I’ve been much happier, optimistic, and grateful for how far I’ve made it. January ’19 will make two years since my move to Georgia 🍑. I must say I am a tough cookie. I’m so proud of who I’ve become.. The only one I can depend on is God. He’s got me this far. “It is better to TRUST in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” Psalms 118:8 KJV God knows our needs and wants, he will provide for us. When I let go and let God take the wheel I started to see a difference in my life. I give all the Glory to God!! I’m just staying in the GRIND and remaining FOCUSED. We all are going through tough times, don’t let it get you down and out! Perseverance is the Key. 🙏🏽 #ihearyou #stayprayedup – Lauren Denise 🌺👑


I know my last blog was a little intense! I can’t lie I am a little frustrated. But I am ONLY human, and strong people get tired too. I tend to be hard on myself at times. As I look back I’ve came along way, yes I struggle and have my days. I believe that it’s making me a better person.. What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER! Right 🤗 You know I’m staring to look at things differently. I am positive that God has control of my life and he won’t steer me in wrong direction. He’s literally moving mountains for me.. I understand that I need to work 10x times harder, due to not having any support. I’ve accepted the challenge and I’m going to fulfill my purpose in Atlanta, Georgia. I would love to be a motivational speaker one day. To tell people how I started off rocky. I declare that I will be successful. Yes, it’s going to take hard work, sweat, and tears but it will be all worth in the end. #iHEARYOU #KEEPTHEFAITH 😇

Pushing it to the limit.

Hola! I know I’ve been MIA life has been crazy lately for me. I’m pretty much in a dilemma. Everything is just too DAMN high. I’m trying to look for a roommate cause it’s impossible to continue live on my own. Unless I work myself to death. A lot of people are moving to Georgia, you constantly see construction everywhere. It’s nice to go out to lounges, bars, and site seeing. Other than that it’s just an ordinary place for someone who is just trying to make it. When you struggling you really don’t care about the HYPE! If you want to live in a nice community it’s going to run you about $850 and up. Most people don’t make that every two weeks, when minimum wage is $7.25. It’s really pitiful and these apartments are coming up on us. Think about it. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Atlanta is over saturated with folks and not enough room to grow & not enough JOBS. I’m pushing it to the limit. Trying to survive on a 9 to 5! That’s most of our realities but hey I can’t speak for everyone. I’m not trying to be negative. But I’m just saying try moving here with only a high school diploma. You’ll see the struggle.. I gotta go hard for ME cause nothing in life is for free & no one is giving hand outs cause they don’t wanna see you come up. It’s a dog eat dog 🐶 WORLD 🌎. Stay UP y’all & keep the faith. #iHEARYOU

The Hustle & Bustle.

You really want to hear this because I’m speaking from experience. They say high school is the BEST years of our lives! I agree 100%. As I look back on the class of 2014.. I see a lot of my peers took different paths. Some went off to a four year college, some went off to the military, some went straight into the workforce, and lastly some even went to a community college or local university and worked a part time job.

There’s nothing wrong with any of the choices that we made. Everyone has to do what’s best for them but I will say this much. Don’t let the World, your peers, or even your parents RUSH YOU! My parents rushed me out the house. Yeah, I said it… I’m not going to hold back anymore. On a cold winter night, I packed up boxes and loaded them into my car. The next day I hit the road to drive 10 hours down south to Georgia. It’s crazy because I never drove long distance before. I’m not trying to throw anyone under the bus nor point fingers at anyone. Also, I forgave those who hurt me. I’m just saying what’s real. Our generation hits it hard. It’s not the 70’s or 80’s any longer. The struggle is really real! These jobs don’t pay enough for a single individual to live comfortably. It’s all about the Hustle and Bustle at the end of the day.

Honestly, I wouldn’t rush to move out if I were you. I know everyone wants to be independent but before you leave make sure your good. By that being said make sure your making good money. Most importantly SAVE. Get your credentials prior to moving to a new environment. Take advantage of staying at home if you can. I know everyone doesn’t have have that option. In the African American Culture, some parents feel when you turn 18 that we don’t need anymore guidance. Which isn’t true, in fact we’re still learning, need assistance, and need our parents or Guardian to be patient with us. In fact, when you rush a child out the house you set them up for failure. Two things are bound to happen: Either the child will have to come back home or will be struggling just to make ends meet. The key is to let them go when their truly ready.Whatever you do, make sure you set yourself up in the future! If you peep that your being rushed. You gotta work extra hard 💯                       #iHearYou – Lauren Denise 🌺

My Purpose. 🌸

You all might wonder why do I hashtag, #ihear you or what does it actually mean. I HEAR YOU is a platform that I created, to let individuals know that I hear them & their not alone. I personally go through a lot so I know how it is. Trust me! I’m trying to beat the odds. I was retained in the first grade, I am a first generation college student, and I currently live out of state. As I mentioned before, everyone has different circumstances. You never really know what someone is going through! I may not know everything or have all the answers to everything. However, I am a advocate for individuals going through real life situations, without any support. I feel like I am doing the best I can under the circumstances. Truth be told, I’m learning everything as I go. Over the past few years, I have grown so much since I moved from Indiana. The old me would be complaining, beating myself up, and comparing myself to others. I’ve learned to stay in my lane, move in silence, and most importantly give my burdens to the Lord. #ihearyou✨

Facing Reality!

My first time ever on a plane was in 2015. I flew to Hot Atlanta🔥 to go see my big cousin. I was excited to get away from Merrillville, Indiana. I wanted to see what was all the hype was about. I’m sure all of you have seen a glimpse of Atlanta House Wife’s & Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. It’s funny because I could never get into those shows. It’s reality TV but it’s not your actual reality.. A lot of people move to ATL for a better life & they come in with high expectations.

When I started looking to move out here. I read blogs and watched YouTube videos on others experiences. Many people said we’re FULL don’t move here lol. Now I see why.. When I tell you the Traffic is TERRIBLE 🙄.. It’s just it takes forever to get where you need to go. Those who are from REGION know it’s possible get to the dollar and grocery store within 10 to 15 minutes. You would think it’s a lot of jobs here but it’s not unfortunately. It’s more like who ya know. The City is definitely over crowded. It’s very important to be mindful when looking for a job. Georgians 🍑 commute over an hour to work everyday. Don’t get wrong I enjoy living in Georgia, there’s always something to do. Even if you want to go out Solo it’s not a big deal, honestly people do it all the time. There’s nice places to go such as Stone Mountain Park, MLK Center, CNN center, Mary Mac’s Tea Room, WineDown Wednesday’s at Centennial Park, Ponce City Market, and the list goes on!

I must say I don’t regret moving here.. Majority of the time I have to roll with the punches & pray to KEEP sane. I’m going to keep it 100% with y’all. You may want to move & it doesn’t have to be Georgia. It could be Florida, Arizona, or South Carolina etc .. Remember two things, wherever you plan on going isn’t the Promise Land and EVERY State has poverty. By that being said, don’t move somewhere thinking it’s going to be all peaches and cream. Again, Reality TV isn’t your reality honey. I’m sorry. You have to a game plan & go into survival mode. I may not show it but a lot of times I want to break down. Nevertheless, I am so proud to be still kicking out here, it’s definitely not a piece of CAKE! I’ve only been home a few times since my move. I spend most of the holidays alone, due to the fact I have to work. However, I do encourage each and everyone to go OUT & chase their dreams! Thank you all for the Love and SUPPORT.                                                                                                                                — Lauren Denise 🌺 #iHEARYOU

It’s a HARD knock LIFE!

Everyday I have to remind myself that I could be worse off. There’s someone out there homeless or may NOT have food to eat. I believe it’s beauty in the struggle.. If everything in life came easy then, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the little things in life right? Let’s face it adulting is hard. It’s going on two years in December since I departed from my parents nest. I’m really determined to make it work out here and finish college! I just know God is using me to show you all that it can be done. At times I get sad because of the way I left. But I can’t dwell on the past. To be honest, I didn’t have much support when I lived at home. I was taught to be independent. I got my first job at 16 & I’ve been grinding since then. When I got a taste of making my own money it was over. 😂 One of my favorite songs by J. Cole is Love Yourz 😌 . This song makes me stop and reflect on my own life. I’m guilty of comparing my life to others and feeling bad about myself at times. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done that before. The course of me being away from home has made me a stronger person. Also, it’s allowed me to focus on my OWN destiny. We all have to STOP looking at the next person and worry about ourselves. Don’t Rush the COME UP. It’s coming. Let Go and Let God show you the way! For the past month I’ve been trying to blog once a week. It’s really helping me cope with my situation. I hope these blogs are helping you all as well. #IHEARYOU