Keep fighting. ✊🏽

Life goes by so quick.. Society pushes so many people over the edge. Like you have to do something before a certain age. The American Dream is crap. I’ve been through some real life situations, the only person I could count on is JESUS. ♥️

I am the voice for the people. Also, the reason behind the struggle is that you’re breaking generational curses. The Devil isn’t happy. That’s why he throws challenges your way. Remember the Devil was once in Heaven.

It’s a hard knock life for us. I learned some good lessons along the way. Better late than NEVER right? We don’t have any instructions to this life called adulting. You live and you learn.

As always I am rooting for everyone. KEEP THE FAITH & KEEP FIGHTING!

HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH. I HEAR YOU! (A voice for people) ✊🏽 – Lauren Denise 🦋

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