No Shortcuts

I know I’ve been MIA. I’ve been in a silent season of my life..

I tend to overthink and play out scenarios in my head. I have so many topics that I would love to touch on. Yet, my mind is all over the place. As Millennials, we deal with so much these days..  I feel like our 20’s are full of lessons, I am constantly re-routing ideas and reinventing myself along the process.  I don’t have it all together I would be lying if I said I did.

Society has pushed us to the limit, as we get older the days and years seem shorter.  I’ve been reflecting a lot just thinking about what if’s. But I need to STOP. & You should STOP as well. It’s not good for our mental health. Just let it BE!

At times we get frustrated but we’re NOT DEFEATED. I’ve over came alot of things in my life time so far. Long story short, I was retained in the first grade. Some of my peers laughed at me and teased me. Throughout school I had an IEP which means (Individualized Education Program). Also, the administration of the school classified me dyslexic specifically in Mathematics.. That took a toll me, I was only six years old.. Although , I overcame obstacles and was able to graduate an semester early from high school. Also, I drove half way across the country when I moved back in 2017.. There was no one in front or behind me that I knew trailing me. Of course, I got emotional when I saw U-Haul’s on the road.. But I was KEPT by God himself. We all are Kept by God and have our own journey. If our Journeys were all the same. Life would be repetitive..


SpongeBob was one of my favorite cartoons. I remember the episode where everyone was the same in black in white lol. If you know what episode I’m talking about eventually SpongeBob had enough. He was burnt out, doing the same thing and looking like everyone else.


I know we all want to be successful.. Keep in mind that everyone’s journey is different which makes us one of a kind.. Life is a process, let the chips follow where they may. There’s no shortcuts in your journey. 💚 At times, I feel like I should be further in life but I am where I’m supposed to be. I am resilient, strong, and young and Invincible. So are YOU!!

I am rooting for you ALWAYS!! 🌺


4 thoughts on “No Shortcuts

  1. librarianofsunshine

    No shortcuts , sure . It’s easy to say what you think your life is , rather than realizing what the facts are. But then everything is perspective and having perspective is a coping mechanism. For instance , Minsky works a full time and a part time job . Minksy is 25 with her own apartment. Minsky wishes she could go to college but doesn’t have the time . But , Minsky has all the privacy and funds her own domain. Mousy is putting herself through grad school but she has to have a roommate in order to survive 😒. Mousy wishes she had more freedom and privacy but soon she’ll have a master’s degree. But either one has to live their life . Mousy will have the loans .. which life would you rather have? If you see God’s 🙏 purpose…then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says . Kobe Bryant died today at 41 01/26/2020🏀🙏 Life is unexpected.


  2. Leah myers

    Girl, you are awsome for sharing part of yiur life with us. I can relate to your story. I was in IEP when I was a kid and it effected my learning for the worst. But I went to college through all the doubts ppl had in me. Thank you for sharing


    1. librarianofsunshine

      Leah, it takes a strong person to share their story . However, WE are even stronger for conquering even some of our dreams and goals. Our siblings , friends , and neighbors ( in a spiritual sense ) will not necessarily desire what WE desire . Everyone is not born with the same opportunity , period . It’s best to make the best of OUR situations. I enjoy reading the blog because you can tell the creator really wants a better life for herself ❤️#isubscribed


  3. Megan

    I can definitely relate to this post. Where you talk about people’s journeys are different, it is true. I use to tell myself no to compare my life with others, Especially ppl on social media. I had a stage in my life where I ended up doing so. Comparing my life and my choices to folks on social media. It took me a while to change to where I had to fast from social media multiple times. I had to realize and tell myself “hey, that’s not your life. That’s not your story. You don’t know what they had to go through in order to get to where they are now. They are only showing you the highs of their journey, not the lows. God is trying to tell you that he did not plan for you to be like them. He did not plan for you to go through what they been through. That was for them. He’s got something in store just for you if you allow him. You might have your own plans, but God has his plans written out just for you if you follow them”. That hit me hard. It’s still a struggle to think this way but I am so much better from when I first started to compare myself. Keep pushing forward.


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