Be Present.


It’s been awhile since I posted a blog. I needed a break 2019 has brought so many challenges. This season in my life has been very frustrating. Last December is when everything changed.. As I mentioned in previous blogs.. I relocated back to my hometown, I felt out of place and I had a lack of motivation. I was stuck working jobs that I hated.. Also, it didn’t allow me to have much of a balance in life. I was so miserable to tell the truth. I applied for so many jobs but never heard back. Those of you from NW Indiana can relate.. It’s crazy sometimes it can take 3-6 months to hear back. I’m not even exaggerating this is what I experienced.

Moving on last month I decided to take a leap of faith and try to move out again. Atlanta was a stepping stone & it’s an experience that I’ll never forget. This time around I didn’t want to move way across the country. I’m still a girl in progress. I thought to myself how can I move without money saved up. Based on what I was making an hour made it hard to save. NWI Indiana has yet to catch up with other cities, it’s just a little bit over minimum wage. Although, I didn’t have to pay a full months rent I still had big girl responsibilities. I was raised to be independent early as 16, when I got my first job Summer 2012. My parents showed me tough love. So, I’ll be able to survive on my own. But at the end of the day they still have my back. I am a broke college student just trying to make it. When I tell you, God made it possible for me to get back out in the World & chase my goals. I am forever grateful. This season of my life taught me to be present and to trust God. He knows what’s best for you.

August is coming to an end which means there’s ONLY 4 months left in 2 0 1 9. Wow! My advice to you all is to stay prayed up and be present in your season and God will see you through. Those of you starting back school I wish you all a great school year!! I am rooting for everyone as ALWAYS!


— Lauren Denise ♥️

3 thoughts on “Be Present.

  1. Megan Wilkerson

    It’s great that even though it seemed like nothing was working out for you, you kept your mind stayed on Hod and took that leap of faith ! Sometimes it feels like we are failing in life and nothing is going our way but has always has HIS WAY and HIS PLAN that we don’t even think of until we give it all up to God

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