When I look back on last year around this time, I was in a whole different state. Things really can change in a matter of 6 months to 12 months. I really got costumed to doing my own thing. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m behind in life. A lot of times we discredit and put ourselves down. I think social media plays a big part how we treat ourselves.

Everything appears to be glamorous on social media. In reality it’s not a lot of people are going through some things. Many of us fall in the trap called the comparison game. I am human and tend to do it sometimes, it’s not intentional. I believe it’s a NORM which is a sociology term. A NORM is something that is usual or a standard. Society says you MUST attend a university after high school, finish within 4 years, and secure a career.

Let’s be real everyone will NOT finish in that time frame and that’s okay. God created us all in his image. He has a unique path for all of US! By that being said, STOP looking what others are doing and looking for validation on social media. I miss the days when school let out for the summer. Rather you went on a vacation or spent it with your grandparents. You were able to live in the moment. I’m sure many us of didn’t reach for our phone as much. I’ll tell you that.

I do believe social media is a distraction to a certain extent. For the remainder of the year I would like to work on living in the moment and to become a better version of Lauren Denise. It’s important to redirect ourselves when we feel some type of way about our current situation. Instead of worrying about things you don’t have or where you want to be in life; express gratitude!

God is constantly working on us every day. We all have our moments where we feel defeated. At the end of the day, whatever is meant to be will be. Be present this day going forward and speak life into yourself. Don’t forget to UNPLUG sometime. You deserve it! Treat yourself.. #ihearyou

2 thoughts on “Unplug..

  1. librarianofsunshine

    Sooo … I believe unplugging is important. Sometimes I adult color and divulge into other hobbies to become one with myself. Sometimes I grow tired of looking at other humans . Sometimes your brain needs to do creative work instead of just having conversations. Humans are immensely complex and difficult … when it’s me and my crafts that’s just it … me and my crafts….it recharges me. So Miss Lauren ; I suppose you need to unplug to RECHARGE♥️ Sometimes it takes someone else knocking you OFF your game .. to appreciate yourself ….. leading you to PROTECT your PERSONAL EMPIRE… the next time ✅

    Signed some 🐥


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