Happy November!! 🧡🍂🍁

I can’t believe 2018 is nearly over.. I know it’s been awhile since my last Blog. I’ve been going through it lately. For the past few months I’ve been going back in forth to Urgent Care, due to being stressed. My immune system is low since I’m always on the GO!

I’m trying to do better far as eating right and sleeping enough at night.  It’s very exhausting to keep up with everything. Truth is I am emotionally and physically tired. When I was growing up my Mom used to always say “It takes two Incomes.” Truthfully it does with the cost of living sky rocking. Working an entry level job isn’t enough to take care of big girl responsibilities. In order to survive, I have to work OT or find a side hustle along with attending college. I say all this to say, I encourage everyone to fully prepare prior to moving.. There’s nothing wrong with staying with family to set your self up for the future. Although, it’s pros and cons living with family and alone.. You just have to pick your poison.

Lord knows I’m trying to do right by him, everything is a process. I am becoming a stronger woman daily.. This is a learning experience in it’s self. A quite of few people ask me how do I cope with stress. Well, blogging is one way I cope. In the mist of everything, I’m staying true to myself and trying to push through the storm.

I wish you all the best. Make these last two months of 2018 COUNT. I know it seems impossible but God can change your situation when you least expect it!! Remember why you started & how far you can GO!! Endurance and ambition and along with faith has gotten me this FAR!! #iHEARYOU –Lauren Denise 💕

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