I know my last blog was a little intense! I can’t lie I am a little frustrated. But I am ONLY human, and strong people get tired too. I tend to be hard on myself at times. As I look back I’ve came along way, yes I struggle and have my days. I believe that it’s making me a better person.. What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER! Right 🤗 You know I’m staring to look at things differently. I am positive that God has control of my life and he won’t steer me in wrong direction. He’s literally moving mountains for me.. I understand that I need to work 10x times harder, due to not having any support. I’ve accepted the challenge and I’m going to fulfill my purpose in Atlanta, Georgia. I would love to be a motivational speaker one day. To tell people how I started off rocky. I declare that I will be successful. Yes, it’s going to take hard work, sweat, and tears but it will be all worth in the end. #iHEARYOU #KEEPTHEFAITH 😇

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