The Hustle & Bustle.

You really want to hear this because I’m speaking from experience. They say high school is the BEST years of our lives! I agree 100%. As I look back on the class of 2014.. I see a lot of my peers took different paths. Some went off to a four year college, some went off to the military, some went straight into the workforce, and lastly some even went to a community college or local university and worked a part time job.

There’s nothing wrong with any of the choices that we made. Everyone has to do what’s best for them but I will say this much. Don’t let the World, your peers, or even your parents RUSH YOU! My parents rushed me out the house. Yeah, I said it… I’m not going to hold back anymore. On a cold winter night, I packed up boxes and loaded them into my car. The next day I hit the road to drive 10 hours down south to Georgia. It’s crazy because I never drove long distance before. I’m not trying to throw anyone under the bus nor point fingers at anyone. Also, I forgave those who hurt me. I’m just saying what’s real. Our generation hits it hard. It’s not the 70’s or 80’s any longer. The struggle is really real! These jobs don’t pay enough for a single individual to live comfortably. It’s all about the Hustle and Bustle at the end of the day.

Honestly, I wouldn’t rush to move out if I were you. I know everyone wants to be independent but before you leave make sure your good. By that being said make sure your making good money. Most importantly SAVE. Get your credentials prior to moving to a new environment. Take advantage of staying at home if you can. I know everyone doesn’t have have that option. In the African American Culture, some parents feel when you turn 18 that we don’t need anymore guidance. Which isn’t true, in fact we’re still learning, need assistance, and need our parents or Guardian to be patient with us. In fact, when you rush a child out the house you set them up for failure. Two things are bound to happen: Either the child will have to come back home or will be struggling just to make ends meet. The key is to let them go when their truly ready.Whatever you do, make sure you set yourself up in the future! If you peep that your being rushed. You gotta work extra hard 💯                       #iHearYou – Lauren Denise 🌺

One thought on “The Hustle & Bustle.

  1. RaeTingz

    This is profound ♥️ I fucking love writing it’s so therapeutic, I love books and I feel your sincere in your writing ✍️. Stay blessed up babygirl 😉🙃. You’ll get your degrees, get married , have a family in your own time . You are a peach 🍑 and a REAL one . I love ❤️ that you not all about weave and nails and you actually have depth in your posts 😁
    #IHearYou #nofrauds #teamLauren

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