My Purpose. 🌸

You all might wonder why do I hashtag, #ihear you or what does it actually mean. I HEAR YOU is a platform that I created, to let individuals know that I hear them & their not alone. I personally go through a lot so I know how it is. Trust me! I’m trying to beat the odds. I was retained in the first grade, I am a first generation college student, and I currently live out of state. As I mentioned before, everyone has different circumstances. You never really know what someone is going through! I may not know everything or have all the answers to everything. However, I am a advocate for individuals going through real life situations, without any support. I feel like I am doing the best I can under the circumstances. Truth be told, I’m learning everything as I go. Over the past few years, I have grown so much since I moved from Indiana. The old me would be complaining, beating myself up, and comparing myself to others. I’ve learned to stay in my lane, move in silence, and most importantly give my burdens to the Lord. #ihearyou✨

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