Facing Reality!

My first time ever on a plane was in 2015. I flew to Hot Atlanta🔥 to go see my big cousin. I was excited to get away from Merrillville, Indiana. I wanted to see what was all the hype was about. I’m sure all of you have seen a glimpse of Atlanta House Wife’s & Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. It’s funny because I could never get into those shows. It’s reality TV but it’s not your actual reality.. A lot of people move to ATL for a better life & they come in with high expectations.

When I started looking to move out here. I read blogs and watched YouTube videos on others experiences. Many people said we’re FULL don’t move here lol. Now I see why.. When I tell you the Traffic is TERRIBLE 🙄.. It’s just it takes forever to get where you need to go. Those who are from REGION know it’s possible get to the dollar and grocery store within 10 to 15 minutes. You would think it’s a lot of jobs here but it’s not unfortunately. It’s more like who ya know. The City is definitely over crowded. It’s very important to be mindful when looking for a job. Georgians 🍑 commute over an hour to work everyday. Don’t get wrong I enjoy living in Georgia, there’s always something to do. Even if you want to go out Solo it’s not a big deal, honestly people do it all the time. There’s nice places to go such as Stone Mountain Park, MLK Center, CNN center, Mary Mac’s Tea Room, WineDown Wednesday’s at Centennial Park, Ponce City Market, and the list goes on!

I must say I don’t regret moving here.. Majority of the time I have to roll with the punches & pray to KEEP sane. I’m going to keep it 100% with y’all. You may want to move & it doesn’t have to be Georgia. It could be Florida, Arizona, or South Carolina etc .. Remember two things, wherever you plan on going isn’t the Promise Land and EVERY State has poverty. By that being said, don’t move somewhere thinking it’s going to be all peaches and cream. Again, Reality TV isn’t your reality honey. I’m sorry. You have to a game plan & go into survival mode. I may not show it but a lot of times I want to break down. Nevertheless, I am so proud to be still kicking out here, it’s definitely not a piece of CAKE! I’ve only been home a few times since my move. I spend most of the holidays alone, due to the fact I have to work. However, I do encourage each and everyone to go OUT & chase their dreams! Thank you all for the Love and SUPPORT.                                                                                                                                — Lauren Denise 🌺 #iHEARYOU

3 thoughts on “Facing Reality!

  1. Little mama badd

    Very uplifting and reflective and to the point . If you don’t have a trade or an education or both … why y’all moving anyway …. if you can’t make it your own city …really . Ramen noodles travels all 50 states #be-humble and AIDS is color blind …


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