Growing Pains…

When I was little sometimes I wished to be grown.. But why? I didn’t have to pay bills or RENT. What was all the hype about? A lot of us at the age of 16 landed our first part-time job. Then some of us begged our parents to teach us how to drive. So once you start working, driving, and Graduate from HS. Let me tell you, it’s a WRAP! I promise these years are flying by. I spent most of my summer vacations and weekends at my Grandma’s house. My grandma’s caretaker was my Aunt Arnita. They both enjoyed the company from my sister and I! My aunt would always give me small tasks to do.. For example, she would let me help her garden. She used to take me to the floral shop with her. We would pick out flowers and pots. My favorite flowers to get were Tulips. 🌷 After we planted the flowers, I was responsible to water the garden.. Before my grandma got sick she used to work in her yard. So my aunt kept the yard up for her along taking care of her daily. As an adult, I’m starting to appreciate the little things in life. Also, being thankful for where I am in life. This June ’18 marks 4 years since I’ve been out of Highschool.Never in a million years, I would’ve thought I’d be living out of state on my own.. I’m not going to STUNT it’s hard as heck. But they say when you leave the NEST, you find yourself! I hoped to be graduating from college this May and receiving job offers.. But I realized that everyone achieves success on their OWN timeline. Something to remember, my sister Raven used to beat this in my head in 2014 when I used to have my PITY PARTIES. She used to say “What’s for YOU is not for ME.” & “What’s for ME is not for YOU.” Nevertheless to say, EMBRACE where you are in YOUR life. STAY focused on your GOALS, PRAY, and SLAY!! Remember I HEAR YOU!!

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